Why Data Analysis is Essential for Social Media Success


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If you’re someone who’s trying to maximize social media, whether to promote your business or grow your brand, then you’re probably making sure each post gets the kind of reaction you’re looking for. Although likes and shares are important, these aren’t the only numbers you need to look at if you want to build a strong online presence.

Data analytics dives into your social media movements way deeper, giving you access to valuable numbers and information that can turn your digital game around.

Soon, you’re going to want to keep track of all the data across all your platforms which can get pretty overwhelming. Marque Media knows what that’s like and wants to make it better before it even gets bad! We’ve prepared a customizable social media tracker that you can use for FREE.

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What can I learn from data analytics?

You may think that followers and competitors can easily assess your online success since your likes and shares are on display. But there’s so much more to dig into than the numbers showcased on your profile’s bio. Here’s the kind of information data analytics gives you:

  • Post reach (how many people saw your post)
  • Engagement (how many people interacted with your post)
  • Likes and comment
  • Shares
  • Link clicks

Specific features on platforms get their own set of analytics, too. For example, the data you can get from Instagram Stories involves how many people finished, skipped, or replayed a video.


How can data analysis help me?

Simply put, data analytics helps you make more informed marketing strategies which can ultimately boost your social media. The numbers presented to you indicate how you can better create content that audiences are interested in or are more likely to respond to.

When you check out your data, think about the details surrounding it — what kind of content did it have? What time of the day was it posted? Did it encourage interactions in the comments or did users share it with others instead? The more detailed the analytics, the better. Information about your followers and their behavior is also exceptionally helpful for optimizing ads to the right audience.

Another tip: don’t limit yourself to one strategy regardless of the platform. Even though it may seem like everybody uses it, the audiences from Facebook and Instagram could not be more different. Putting your cross-platform data side by side will help you tailor the brand experience you want specific followers to have.


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