Think BIG with Nazarian Institute!


Meet the top tastemakers across different industries and learn how they set themselves apart!

The Nazarian Institute Conference fulfills the growing need for digital education and collaboration across all sectors. This 2019, the conference is going to be held on January 26th and 27th at the Jeremy Hotel in West Hollywood, California.

Learn How to Scale Your Luxury Brand

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Sheila Nazarian, board certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the conference is designed to take real-life expertise and use it to empower business development across industries, especially luxury businesses.

The Nazarian Institute has come a long way from where it was since the first conference in 2018. This time around, there’s a lot more to learn regardless if you’re a medical practitioner, a real estate mastermind, or a budding startup founder!

branding, innovation, and growth. It puts a huge emphasis in networking, community, and collaboration. With successful brand builders from different industries coming in—medical and dental, real estate, hotel sectors to name some—you’re going to end up learning strategies and trends that you’ve never even thought of.

Here’s what you can expect from Dr. Sheila Nazarian herself:


Meet Our Key Speakers

Skinnygirl Cocktails founder, celebrity, and all around businesswoman Bethenny Frankel will headline the conference, talking all the ins and outs of building a luxury brand.


Joining her is Dr. Sheila Nazarian, the founder of Nazarian Institute and Nazarian Plastic Surgery herself, to share her insights about running a high-end medical practice in an extremely competitive market.


On top of that, Marque Media’s very own Heidi Nazarudin will share valuable tips on creating a standout brand presence on social media.

And that is barely the tip of the iceberg: there are a lot more speakers ready to give you the lowdown on luxury business building. Visit Nazarian Institute online to see the full list!

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