The Best Places to Get Beautiful Fonts for Free


Typography is increasingly becoming more important today. By using the correct font, you can set the mood and theme of your content.

Where can you possibly find extraordinary fonts that are free for commercial use, you ask? We got you covered. Here is a list of some of the most popular sites to get your fonts from.

Where To Find Fonts
What’s The  Hype About?
FontSpace offers nearly 32,000 fonts available in TrueType and OpenType flavours. The fonts are neatly sorted into clear categories, which makes looking for the font you want easily. Not all fonts are good for commercial use so make sure you read the label!
Behance is another excellent place to find unique fonts. It is the go-to place for designers to show off their works, so you’ll be delighted to see many assorted styles this platform
1001 Free Fonts offers a lot more free fonts than what their name suggests. The fonts are handily organized across 64 categories, with an option to browse by designer.
Abstract Fonts has a clean interface, which makes it one of the easiest to navigate. It offers about 14,000 fonts with custom font preview option.
DaFont is an extensive archive of free fonts. Many of the fonts are on the unprofessional side, offering instead some playful and novelty themed fonts.
Font Squirrel. You can download  high-quality free fonts for commercial use in the Font Squirrel. Their fonts are mostly @font-face compatible and to top it off, they have a very nicely designed website.
Google Web Fonts. All the fonts offered by Google Web Fonts are open source, which means you are free to share and customize them for your own use, in any way you want. You can also collaborate with the original designer to improve them.
The League of Movable Type is the very first free and open-source type foundry. The fonts are created by a hand-selected group of typographers. Oh, and all these high-quality fonts are for free.


To Sum It Up

There are so many good places in the internet where you can get high-quality fonts for free. It may take some hard work on your part to find the font that fits the best with the content you are trying to create, but what you’re looking for is most probably out there. Archives of free fonts are waiting for you, get cracking!