Setting Up Your Website With Custom-Built Themes

5 Custom-Built Themes for Your Brand’s Website

One of the most exciting stages of setting up your website is designing the theme. Selecting a theme can help you visualize what your website will look like and how it will function to match the needs of your business. While there are beautiful templates out there, nothing quite beats the quality and uniqueness of a custom-built theme.

All of these themes have been created by the in-house staff at Marque Media. Do take a look to see if anything matches your vision—we’d be happy to recreate it for your website needs!

Theme #1

This theme has an elegant black and white design that gives off a professional impression. The upper black section above the fold can be used to showcase a picture or brand logo, whereas the white portion underneath that can contain all the content.

Theme #2

This theme has a minimalist white look, with plenty of images. It’s a great theme if you’d like to pair up an explanatory image with every service that you mention. The airy aesthetic makes it especially ideal for lifestyle brand, like beauty bloggers or food companies.

Theme #3

To make your website stand out, this theme is a good choice. The red area above the fold has a colorful, yet elegant design that’s perfect for the modern brand. It blends class and playfulness in one theme that can be modified to suit your needs.

Theme #4

The theme here is ideal if you want a particular image to dominate the attention above the fold. This could be an image depicting what your services are about. In addition, a search bar is placed right at the center, which is perfect if your business heavily uses keywords (such as a photography website). The overall look is stylish and easy on the eyes.

Theme #5

This theme is ideal for those interested in using an image to cover the entire page—perhaps a travel company showcasing a dream destination. If you have a classy image that resonates well with your target market, then perhaps this theme is for you. It’s a simple theme to set up as the amount of content and other elements are kept to a minimum.

To Sum It Up

Also remember that a theme can always be changed, and you’re encouraged to do so from time to time to keep your website fresh and up to date. The theme you go for should reflect your brand image and must also have the features available to meet your specific requirements and goals (e.g., highlight what your business does, or make shopping easier for the customers).