Editing and Post-Processing Apps


While a set of photography equipment delivers quality photos, the best and most creative results emerge through editing and post-processing. It’s also in post-processing where you get to control the elements of your photos and tweak it to match the aesthetic of your brand. Here are our top picks for mobile apps.

Free Apps

Snapseed. Snapseed is an all-purpose image editor for enhancing, correcting, and adjusting images. There are typical options, like cropping, straightening, healing, and tuning images, but there are also filters and frames for more artsy results.

Source: Merc Media

VSCO. VSCO offers some quick editing and tuning options as well as a range of good filters for photos.

Lightroom. If you need to adjust the exposure or brightness of a photo while maintaining its resolution, use Lightroom!

Aviary. If you want your photos with a little more animation, check out Aviary. It’s useful for doodling on and adding text, frames, and stickers to your photos.

Source: Google Play

Repost for Instagram or InstaRepost. If you are reposting someone else’s content, apps like Repost for Instagram or InstaRepost will do the job for you while ensuring the original owner is credited through a small mark or emblem on the photo.

Facetune 2. Facetune is perfect for touching up your face and body (or even your clothes!). There’s also a selection of filters available for close-up images of faces.

Source: MacWorld

Camera+. No DSLR? No problem. Camera+ allows you to adjust manual control abilities, such as the exposure settings and the focus of your photo while shooting.

Color Pop. Color Pop transforms images to black and white and leaves one or two elements in full color, so it is isolated from the rest of the monochromatic image.

Foodie. Food bloggers and ‘grammers–there’s an app made for your visual content. This app offers various filters that enhance all your food photos.

Source: Food and Beverage Magazine

VidLab. For videos, VidLab is a serious game changer. This app enables you to add filters as well as text, music, sound effects, and recordings so you can produce fully-functioning video content.

Paid Apps

Afterlight. Afterlight is a great app for editing the nuanced elements: colors, shades, saturation, highlights, and shadows of your photo.

ProCam 5. You get the bang for your buck with ProCam 5. It’s an app built with quality focus and portrait settings that work well for images and videos.

Mextures. Mextures is an award-winning app that allows you to move and edit layers of an image, adjust presets, as well as add filters and textures (grit and grain, flares, gradient, etc.).

Source: Mextures via Instagram

Pixelmator. If you need to touch up your images or do any advanced image edits and compositions (in layers, even!), Pixelmator is the full-featured photo editor you are looking for.