14 Instagram Themes to Inspire Your Feed (Plus Tips on How to Nail Yours!)


Putting together a visually stunning Instagram feed isn’t as easy as it looks. There are trials and errors, strategizing, and a particular level of commitment involved. That doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a beautifully curated feed, because you definitely canyou just have to know where to start!

Here are some Instagram themes to get you going.

Signe Bay’s (@signeebay) purposeful use of shadows and light produces a very moody and stunning floral and food brand. Notice the contrast between the foreground and the background, too: subjects are at a disarray, but the backgrounds are clean and neat.

Mary Lawless Lee’s (@happilygrey) feed isn’t far from her Instagram handle. Dark, grey, and stone-hued backdrops enhance the colors of her outfits and accessories, which overall creates a luxurious look.

Antrom Kury (@antromalexander) may be a musician, but his Instagram feed is fit for a traveler just as well, often featuring breathtaking landscapes and sunlit interiors with earthy filters. The photos are usually captured during the day to maximize natural, golden light.

Privacy Please’s (@privacypls), a clothing brand for women, employs touches of pink and rose gold in their Instagram feed. There isn’t too much symmetry or structured lines to create an overall softer feel.

Ana Marques’s (@anamarques210376) feed would be perfect for the dreamer with an eye. The photos are very airy and subtly hued, often displaying hints of pastel and minimally photographed subjects.

To achieve that vintage and bohemian aesthetic, fashion brand Dôen (@shopdoen) approaches their Instagram feed with warm filters and feminine tones.

Cosmetic brands are expected to fully utilize colors on Instagram, and nobody does it better than Kat Von D Beauty (@katvondbeauty). The makeup brand’s feed is a masterclass on color blocking, with colors beautifully transitioning every few days to feature the brand’s wide range of products.

Just like Kat Von D Beauty, street style photographer Szymon Brzóska (@thestylestalkercom) uses color blocking on Instagram to feature snaps of fashionistas from all over the globe. The shift of colors from grid to grid would drive any organized-Instagram-feed-junkie into obsession!

Devocean (@devotedtotheocean) is a beach apparel shop that gives back. On Instagram, the brand’s feed looks especially bright and colorful, with blue and green tones to match, of course.

Fashion blogger Ida Andu’s (@idaandu) feed is a curated reflection of her sense of style. The photos are a bit desaturated and lean more towards cotton candy hues, with a huge concentration on pastel orange and green.

Up for a splash of color? Tom Windeknecht (@tomwindeknecht) is a content creator and photographer who shares heavily tinted photos on Instagram with pinks and blue tonesresulting to a very bold and vibrant feed.

Many lifestyle bloggers and influencers go for airy and bright photos. Meghan Rienks’ (@meghanrienks) feed is one prime example, and it’s hard not to see the appeal: well-lit photos produce crisper and livelier results!

For a stylish take on Instagram feeds, take notes from Phoebe Soup (@phoebesoup). The style director and photographer goes for minimalist photos, opting for cool whites and light greys so as to highlight subjects that contrast in color. Notice that there’s a lot of symmetry, lines, edges, and patterns that create elegant textures, too.

If you’d rather see the world in monochrome, there are Instagrammers for you, too. Jason Peterson’s (@jasonmpeterson) is one expert Instagrammer who has nailed the aesthetic, sharing compelling black and white images on his feed.


Some Useful Pieces of Advice on Curating Your Instagram Feed

Check out these tried and tested techniques you can apply as you develop your Instagram #aesthetic!

Set your baseline.

Make sure that the photos you are creating and sharing is a fit for your lifestyle. If you want a pink-themed Instagram, for example, then you must own or have access to several pink things or themed places. This makes content creation a lot easier and more achievable on your part.

Plan content in advance.

Small and big brands alike discuss and sketch the content they want to create months or weeks in advance. This allows Instagrammers to visualize what their feed is going to look like, which is a huge part of making it look put together.

Define your aesthetic.

An aesthetic doesn’t just convey what a brand is all aboutit’s also the main key to making your Insta-grid look put together. Want to go for a minimalist look? Use a lot of negative spaces in your photos. Want a bright and colorful feed? Enhance the highlights and whites of your photo and pull the saturation up a notch, as well. That being said…

Post-process your visual content!

Use third-party apps to edit and enhance the details of your images! For example, many Instagrammers stick to a particular set of filters and presets so as to create a cohesive feed.

Lay out your photos with purpose.

On top of post-processing your photos, it’s also important to lay out your photos so you can see how it would look like as a grid, ensuring that the images are seamlessly cropped and categorized well. Many Instagram planner apps are available for this purpose.

Clearly, a well-developed Instagram feed plays a big role in attracting followers. It does consist of some amount of work, depending on what you want to achieve, but it need not be a daunting task! Rules are there to guide you, but also, you’re absolutely free to create content your very own way. The most important thing is to stay true to your vision!